If you need to know which species you might have an infestation of attempt the ID Table. Rats are the most successful of all the world’s pest animal species. They live in affiliation with humans, scavenging on our waste and residing in our properties. Early settlers introduced animals to New Zealand for food, fur, sport and generally by accident.

Throughout history, rats and mice have been responsible for a lot of harm to the human race as they’re voracious eaters and can transmit illness. The pest control team at Endeavour has been coping with rat and mouse infestations for greater than ten years, and we’re fully geared up to weed out even the most cunning rodents. We’re fortunate enough to stay in a world where mouse and rat infestations are more and more unusual.

DeBug Pest Control supplies skilled Auckland pest control options to properties and businesses. Snap traps can price as little as $2 and can be set repeatedly.The good old-fashioned snap trap is a cheap possibility for dealing with rats and pick up a two-pack snap trap for as little as $2 and they can be set repeatedly. They could be a humane way to quickly kill rats and mice, as long as the snap bar is robust enough to crush a rodent’s skull.

We promise that by the time we’re completed, you’ll have the power to put your ft on the bottom without having to fret about one thing crawling over them. We use strategies that are entirely secure for you and your pets. Rodent droppings and urine can contaminate food and harm clothes, furnishings, books and different valuable documents.

Can a rat damage my dog?

Keep your dog on a lead

“The fatal bacterial an infection is spread by rats and other rodents. Dogs can turn into contaminated by direct contact (from a rat chew or from eating a rat) and indirect contact (drinking urine-contaminated water or licking contaminated soil).”

If children or pets have potential access the bait, we’ll safe it in a high-quality lockable bait station. If bait is positioned in inaccessible areas, we are going to wire it in place to guarantee that rodents can’t drag it to new locations. In two weeks your technician will re-visit and inspect the bait stations, if the infestation is minor no additional visits will be required.