This casino is not recommended, here are a few other recommended casinos you should try.

Are you sure you’re ready for the ultimate online gaming experience? offers free games and more, but registration is a snap with Facebook or Google! is a social casino that does not offer opportunities to make real money, but provides many ways for players to get chips and win lots of prize-money quickly! Players can watch videos or buy more chips with their own cash, and invite friends who also play on the site – these are all excellent methods to earn those valuable My Jackpots so you don’t have any reason not try it out today! Casino VIP

My Jackpot Casino does not offer a VIP club or loyalty rewards program to the players. They make it easy for you to join and play with their free spins on your first deposit when signing up as well as generous bonuses, but if you’re looking for something more than that this may not be the casino site of choice.

MyJackpot is an online casino without all of those fancy features other casinos have like reward programs or clubs where high rollers get special treatment while gambling at Myjackpot’s tables; however they do still manage to provide some decent perks such as bonus rounds and free slot games after making your initial deposit which are sure draws in many gamblers who don’t want any strings attached when playing slots machines

Bonuses Promotions

Over the years, has been rolling out a number of ways to get more chips for your play time; from bonuses and promotions that are open all day long to tournament features where you can compete against other players in an exciting environment with huge prizes on offer. The best way is still by winning – but luckily there’s no shortage of games at myjackpot!

The registration process is quick and easy, with extra chips awarded to those who link their social media accounts. Players can also spin the Magic Bonus Wheel for a chance at some free game time!

Additionally, you can purchase chips through real money. This is a personal decision to make and it’s possible to use credit/debit cards or other payment methods in order to get more chips without any kind of extra effort. The most important thing for you should be that using your own hard-earned cash does not mean that you will earn actual currency on the games; additionally, if this is something which interests then keep in mind there are some restrictions put into place so as long as spending too much doesn’t seem like an issue I think going ahead with purchasing them may provide benefits such as receiving free boosts while playing videos – all depending how many coins would have been used otherwise!

Lastly, remember that even though certain people might want their friends’

Banking doesn’t work with any banking platform since it is not a gambling site where you bet and win real money. The sole purpose of this casino, which has over 800 games to choose from, is to provide an entertaining experience through the wide variety of game types that are available for use on your browser or mobile device! You have the possibility to acquire extra chips by converting currency via PayPal, Credit Cards (US only), Paysafecard/Eurocard Maestro MasterCard Visa Electron Debit Card Skrill Neteller Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Monero DogeCoin Dash Zcash Tether Stratis Steem Waves IOTA OmiseGo Ripple

) It’s important to remember that buying chips does NOT mean making actual


This casino’s features include tons of fun and entertaining games that are supported by mobile devices, giving you the opportunity to get your gaming fix anywhere. The available slot titles span a wide variety in graphics, animations and gameplay options – some with more stylized looks than others for a different experience each time! You can also take on table games like roulette or blackjack if these types suit your style better too.

Loyalty Rewards VIP

My Jackpot Casino offers the best in gaming features and amenities with an incredible selection of games, fast payouts, 24-hour customer service available via a live chat feature on their website.

My Jackpot Casino takes great pride in being one of the few casinos to offer players excellent online casino entertainment without gimmicks or giveaways like free spins for slots machines; they just want you to come back because it’s worth your time!

Customer Service

If you’re looking for an easy and efficient way to get in contact with the casino, then we’ve got something great! The customer service agents are available 24/7 via email or phone. You can reach them by submitting a ticket on their website if it’s within office hours (or leave your number). If not, please call us. We answer all tickets as soon as possible so don’t worry about being left waiting too long!

The Casino is there for its customers no matter what time of day they need our help–even when it’s 3 am 😉 Customer Service Agents will respond back to any enquiries using either e-mails or phone calls; however, responses through emails take up to 24 hours whereas this process takes much less

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The best thing about is it lets you enjoy casino games without having to invest your hard-earned money! You can play all sorts of fun games for a minimal amount of chips, and they also have several banking options available when you need more or want to cash out. But does the site work in any country? The answer: Yes with some exceptions–Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria are excluded from this social casino website.

The best way to play the odds in your favor is with Bitcoins and PayPal at My Jackpot Casino! This social casino offers you a fun, interactive environment for non-gambling activities. Play from anywhere on PC’s, Macs, Android devices or iOS without downloading any software or apps that require new equipment like gaming consoles. Simply log into their website using Internet Explorer (PC), Safari (Mac) Chrome Browser (Android) or Firefox Mobile App (.iPad). It doesn’t get easier than this as they offer instant registration so there are no forms to fill out before playing games such as Texas Hold’Em Poker against other players online through our chat feature.