It has a mixture of outstanding trails through jaw-dropping scenery, delightful locals Moatrek tours and food and wine that will blow your mind, but best of all is the hiking. New Zealand is a walkers dream and now Macs Adventure can help you live that dream. “We had an absolutely wonderful time, but 5 weeks wasn’t enough..!”

NZ holidays: Cycle trails and bike trips to try this winter – New Zealand Herald

NZ holidays: Cycle trails and bike trips to try this winter.

Posted: Mon, 27 Jun 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

The country is known for its multi-cultural identity, its respect for nature, and the role played by Maoris and their culture in the society. The seasons in the Southern hemisphere are reversed to those we know in Europe. Summer thus March and winter from June to September.

Upon starting our bikes once our batteries were re-connected we encountered a small problem when we discovered fuel leaks on fuel hose clamps on both bikes. Daniel was able to arrange for the bikes to be taken by his network of NZ motorcycling contacts to be repaired. I don’t know if other motorcycle shippers would have done the same in similar circumstances to ensure we were ready for our adventures in New Zealand. Welcome to another day of spectacular coast & mountain driving with amazing natural experiences. You start the day with a magical coastal drive to Oamaru, p.s.

Anywhere else. The MOTU Trails can be accessed from Opotiki, part of the New Zealand Cycle Trail. The MOTU Trails run between Opotiki & Gisborne. They offer family-friendly trails as well as more challenging rides for experienced cyclists. You can also find bike rentals, guided and self led cycle tours in Opotiki at

The scenery was jaw-dropping, the people we met along our journey, the food, even the rain was delicious! The Pan European was a great workhorse with ample luggage capacity. You are nearing the end of your New Zealand Adventure as you begin our last riding day. Start your day with a beautiful ride along Lake Pukaki before turning into Route 8 towards Tercuka. Thereafter, you head for higher grounds on our way to today’s destination; Christchurch.

The western coast overlooks Pacific Ocean and runs south through Fiordland. In the far north of the South Island, the region of Marlborough is known for its wine. Nearby, Tasmal bay, which is under tropical influence, is the entry point for the Able Tasman National Park. New Zealand’s fauna and flora are a major attraction. It is protected territory so the animal and plant species evolved separately. 75% of the plants in New Zealand do not exist

  • It was a top holiday, just perfect to get away from the UK winter weather and tour in conditions like that.
  • There are many tours available in the area, including a popular cycling tour that starts in Wellington and crosses the Rimutakas to reach the Wairarapa.
  • You’ll start by cycling past vineyards and over an old wooden bridge before continuing on to Alexandra via the historic bridge.
  • The bikes were reliable and comfortable and we could carry more than we required for two weeks in the panniers and top box’s.
  • We have the perfect holiday for you, whether you are a regular cyclist, a hybrid or e-bike rider, or just want to get your family moving.
  • The city offers a raft of attractions and experiences for everyone from adventure-seekers to those just looking to unwind.

With Flying Kiwi you can enjoy optional cycle rides with our bikes or even bring your own. We have seen most of Europe and this is better than the best. They are the best, and they have no one to match them. The bike, equipment, luggage, and service provided by the Christchurch team were exceptional. We had a puncture along the west coast. Within 30 minutes, a Honda van arrived, took us to Greymouth, and we were on our way again – it was that peace of mind we desired and got. A brilliant holiday, great value and simply outstanding motorcycling.